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1. Please review the SDGs, found here: – scroll over each goal to find out what it means, click on the goal to get a full description2. Select TWO goals that you think are important and please do the following FOR EACH GOAL: a. State the goal and in your own words, explain what it is trying to accomplish b. Why do you think this is an important goal? c. What can we, as either individuals or the U.S. do to contribute to this goal?(To receive full credit you must do parts a-c for BOTH goals, partial credit of 5 points will be given for only covering one goal)Part 2Please respond to each part (a-c) below in short paragraphs (4-5 sentences): a. What is YOUR definition of globalization? Please explain your understanding of the concept of globalization. b. Do you see globalization as a positive force in the world or a negative force…or perhaps a mix of both? Be sure to explain your definition of “positive” or “negative” meaning, explain your answer. c. Do you see globalization as contributing to development in poor countries or enabling their exploitation? d. Use examples to illustrate your answers to a-c. Please include links to articles/sites/videos for the examples so we can follow along and understand the examples.To receive full credit for this part , you must answer each question with more than “yes/no” and provide your own insights into the questions. You must also provide an example for each question.

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