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Assume that a new form of a very contagious and severe respiratory disease has hit communities across several U.S. states. It appears that this disease originated in another country, and several other countries are taking extreme measures to control the disease. Using concepts from this course, what federal, state, and local public health roles would you recommend in responding to the situation?ANSWER AND THEN REPLY TO MY CLASSMATE’S RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE QUESTIONS AND EXPLAIN WHY YOU AGREE? (A MINIMUM OF 125 WORDS or MORE FOR ANSWER AND FOR RESPONSE).I really do not have to assume this could happen because it has more than once, but my wife a hair stylist at JC Penny for 35 years put in her two week notice today because she refuses to jeopardize her customers lives with the current (COVID-19) and including the gun violence at different malls in Alabama and lack of proper security. We both had SARS in 2003 which was the first corona virus, her first and then me eventually trying to take care of her and my son. They called it a severe upper respiratory infection at the hospital but later called it SARS or severe acute respiratory syndrome.The local, state, and federal government should ban together to establish a no travel ban just like in 2003 with the SARS and it worked fine because there were no cases in 2004 reported. We did not shut down the economy or stop businesses, we established a strict no travel ban.We have hurricanes a lot and Alabama are the new tornado alley compared to Oklahoma and the plains. The national guard and red cross and other organizations do what they have done before to keep the COOP or continuous operations plan when disasters strike and this is the major police, troopers and rescue and edifices that must stay afloat such as Tyndall air force base but hurricane Michael took that out. Governor has the state of emergency declared and puts the resources to work in hand and the federal level FEMA is activated. The military have of all branches doctors, nurses and corpsman to assist with the medical issues in a MASH unit or Mobile Army Support Hospital like during the Korean war.This is real and none of this really happened this go round because everything became political and everything started to collapse. I recommend exactly the same that has been levied, face masks, social distancing, closing schools till a better reopening plan, and in this COVID-19 case bring out the national guard units in full force of the state and local compliance orders that prevent the spread. They also as a directive control the protests and crime in the streets in many cities. This would not have been as bad if the consequence of promoting riots and destruction was stopped in the beginning to allow the essentials, nurses, police, doctors, and public health officials do their job without the threat of violence. It is one big meltdown marred in the game of politics and the liberal agenda.

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