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Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: Book Report on Don’t Fire Them, Fire Them Up by Frank Pacetta. Although he mentions that an individual is an essential element in any organization, the role of the team or group is emphasized more in the book. This perspective eliminates possible jealousy and unhealthy competition within the organization, thus creating an atmosphere of teamwork and cooperation. Pacetta outlines principles that are doable in both non-military and military settings since the underlying principles of motivation and teamwork are essential in any successful organizational environment. LEADERSHIP IN MANAGEMENT 3 Leadership Principles in Management There are several principles on effective leadership that Frank Pacetta discusses in his book. According to “The One Minute Manager” author Kenneth Blanchard, leadership skills focused on people are significant for leaders who know that the work force is the primary resource of any organization (Nohria & Groysberg, 2008). In Pacetta’s (1994) book, he touches on the extraordinary potential of a well-directed and highly motivated human spirit. Although some say that the book is more of a marketing and sales guide because Pacetta (1994) first applies his ideas on marketing and sales, the overall concept discussed in the book is applicable to any organizational setting, corporate or non-corporate. In the book, creating loyalty and developing trust is one of Pacetta’s (1994) important leadership principles. Loyalty and trust creates an atmosphere of teamwork and dependability. Additionally, he mentioned that establishing accountability and encouraging the process of giving constructive feedback is a vital part in an organization. The value of accountability pushes the concept of professional ethics, while feedback encourages working on possible areas of improvement that support continuous development. Generating passion and enthusiasm is also deemed essential. One must remember that a happy employee is a productive employee (Mrudula, 2006). Pacetta (1994) also mentions that a leader’s ability to enliven, manage, and rebuild an organization is a necessary attitude that encourage employee trust to the organization’s management team. It reflects the internal strength of the organization, thereby promoting a sense of security among employees or members of the organization. To top it off, a leader’s capacity in pushing the organization to the top and maintaining its status at that level develops a sense of pride among every member of the organization. A leader is considered as the LEADERSHIP IN MANAGEMENT 4 one having command responsibility in every aspect of the organization, therefore making the position both challenging and crucial. Pacetta (1994) asserts that although there are normally 3 main reasons for organizational failures — namely poor leadership, lack of enthusiasm, or skills deficiency — poor leadership is almost always the main factor why organizations fail. The practicality of the leadership principles presented by Pacetta (1994) makes them applicable not only in corporate situations, but also in military settings.

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