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Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: The Presence of Critical Thinking in Education and Arts. Based on different points of view, critical thinking is the capability of individuals for advanced processing of the data and information gathered based on a personal and distinct logic. The said process can be considered as a method of theorizing and philosophizing on the basis of observations. The study undertaken is based on the said skill of critical thinking. The main objective then is to be able to present and even practice the process of critical thinking on the basis of the text provided. Specifically, the manifestation of critical thinking in the published work of Michel Foucault on Diego Velázquez’s painting “Las Meninas.”The analysis of the painting in the first chapter of the book under study represents an application of the different elements in critical thinking which are considered to be important in the process of learning the said skill.The different factors within the visual representation had been examined in detail and explanations were given in an observed fusion and synergy of the different fields of knowledge of the author himself. One notion that can be derived from such action is the perception that the skill of critical thinking can be considered as the interplay of the totality of the knowledge, beliefs, and philosophies of a person which at some point can be tinged by intuition and even emotions (Foucault 1).The said perception had been gathered through the representation of the author regarding the different elements viewed in the painting. Arguments can be considered logical and can earn belief and agreements but the due to the fact that the coverage of the knowledge and experience of a person can differ from one another, there are certain statements that can be considered lacking a clear view and tangible evidence in the actual artwork that had been presented.&nbsp.

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