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Compose a 1500 words assignment on e-learning sites: social, professional and ethical issues. Needs to be plagiarism free! arning environment, while at the same time, there are a number of ethical, social and professional issues that have emerged in parallel with the emerging e-learning facilities as we shall discuss in the following lines.The widespread use of computers in our daily tasks like shopping, education and communication has created a ‘digital divide’ between those who use the modern technologies and those who for some reason or merely lack of interest do not use it. The effects of this ‘digital divide’ are so profound that the life patterns of the two classes show vast differences. Whether used in schools, universities or for professional training at work place, well planned and designed e-learning facilities greatly enhance the learning experience. E-learning features the delivery, exploration, application and promotion of knowledge through the use virtual environments thus offering new opportunities for both teachers and students. It is apparently clear that e-learning is providing great help to people from different nations in participating and acquiring higher level education. However, while developing an e-leraning application for a college/university, one must consider the associated ethical, professional and social issues.Stamatellos (2007) explains some of the ethical issues which are associated with the use of computers and internet in the fields of education, health and business. However, the focus of our study will be limited to the educational field.The ethical issues revolving around e-learning include: computer crime and security, Privacy and Anonymity, intellectual Property, Computer Reliability (Stamatellos, 2007). These ethical issues involve the security threats that exist while working on online databases. Some of these common threats include viruses, hacking software and programs, misuse of information and invasion of private material and illegal use of individual’s information.

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