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Compose a 2250 words assignment on how does swinburne respond to the problem of evil and is his response successful. Needs to be plagiarism free! Swinburne argues that having the freedom of choice on our destinies and those around us is a remarkable authority we enjoy as humans. This should, by default entail happiness and peace on earth because everybody wants to be happy, however, it is so not the case. He states that this freedom of choice ends up putting a lot of other humans and animals in considerable pain. The existence of pain and suffering is a rather popular argument against the existence of God.While moving on further with his argument, Swinburne admits that justifying evil on whatever grounds shows insensitivity to human suffering, but it is a responsibility of a believer nevertheless to come up with an argument because his belief in God would not hold any ground otherwise. Hence, in a moment of contemplation and reason, any believer must be able to answer this question of the existence of evil. Swinburne warns that (showing his sensitivity to people who are suffering) although it is an inevitable task to reason evil, it is also important that these things can’t be argued in the state of passion, not in a sermon for example. It is also crucial that we approach this subject objectively and not relate ourselves and our lives to it.He comes down what would be the basic pre-requisites of a good life on earth bestowed by a good God, and answers first by worldly pleasures. Swinburne then introduces the ‘deeper good’ and hence starts building his argument of the spiritual wisdom of greater good against the corporeal sensation of pleasure and pain.In the field of spiritual goodness, God would give us the sense of responsibility and ‘a share in his own creative activity’ and the catch would be that we ourselves will have to work to these ends of the transcendental good and this necessitates evil.Swinburne then differentiates between kinds of evils. He says that the lack of comfort and opulence is not the cause of evil, because God as big as a creator he is, can always create more.

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