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Compose a 4000 words assignment on dan browns treatment of science and religion. Needs to be plagiarism free! However, he tries to establish the same thing with religion also as Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca is the real villain in the film who plans the entire plot to be the next pope. He even kills the scientist who tries to establish a link between science and god. The idea of Camerlengo might be the fact that when the science finds god at a time, the domination of religious heads on the common people may end. Unable to bear that he unleashed terror by killing the scientist with that thought and tries to be Pope with the help of his demonstration of extraordinary powers like a message from God. Hence, Dan Brown tries to establish from an interesting murder and destruction as well as investigative story that both science and religion act as evil in the hands of evil people and can do well in the hands of good people. 1Dan Brown tries to depict religion and science as tools in the hands of good and evil persons who can use them for benevolent and violent purposes. When we consider Langdon simultaneously with Camerlengo, the person related to science (Symbology is also a science and Langdon is not a religious person) has helped the religion by avoiding Camerlengo from becoming Pope by revealing the evil plots of him on Vatican City. Hence, from the characters of Langdon and Camerlengo, Dan Brown tries to put forth the fact that either religion or science will be useful to mankind if the people using them are benevolent and noble-minded. Being an ‘Illuminati’ Langdon did not cooperate with the extinct organization’s evil intentions, but Camerlengo did it for his selfish motives. Hence, the application of religion or science can be useful to the people when the proponents are not selfish and using their religion or science for the common good of mankind.&nbsp.

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