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Course: Information Technology Importance for Strategic PlanningLATE SUBMISSION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED BY PROF.Due Date – 8 hoursDiscussuion Question: IT GOVERNANCEWhat do you think were the critical factors that fueled the need for IT governance? In what ways did ISO affect the standards for network security?At least one scholarly source should be used in the initial discussion thread. Be sure to use information from your readings and other sources from the UC Library. Use proper citations and references in your post.`All of your discussion post for this course must use the 3 paragraph structure described below in the Prof. guidelines points Use your own words, I prefer you use quotations VERY sparingly or not at all. There should be no cutting and pasting from outside sources. Deviations from the 3 paragraph format will result in a automatic 10 (ten) point deduction and additional scrutiny for plagiarism.Prof. guidelines:Discussion response will take the form of a 3 paragraph, (no more than 1 page) response that can stand on its own right. You willneed to write in academic style, aiming at an anonymous reader who may exist in a different time or space. EG, you need to write for someone who will read your post 50 years from now, or 5000 miles from here, or both. Be formal and precise because your goal is to educate that reader. While you are writing, try to avoid obvious phrases such as “This article is about…”. It’s an annotated bibliography. The entire purpose is to describe what the article is about so don’t waste space stating the obvious. Just jump right in to the good stuff: the stuff that the reader needs to know.For example, if you are given the task to research CLOUD COMPUTING, then a summary of an article on cloud computing might start with something along the lines of: Summary: CIOs under the mandate of the US Government’s “Cloud First” policy report that there are critically important challenges to moving to the cloud in a way that minimizes security concerns and maintains usefulness of the information resource. Two main concerns are the contract structure and the information architecture, both of which must be well thought through prior to migration to the cloud. Recommended actions to assist in this engineering effort are to have a cloud advisory board and participating in the FedRMP program. You should write only as many words as are needed to capture the summary of the article. You’re not replicating the content but simply pointing out the important bits. In fact, your goal should be to capture the spirit of the article in as few words as possible. You don’t need to quote or paraphrase: simple summarize the point of the article. This is easier by the way, with articles that are actually dense with facts and research. News reports are notoriously difficult to summarize, simply because they tend to be summaries themselves. They are also not particularly useful as sources for a research report. The second paragraph, the Assessment, is where you tear apart the article and point out any flaws in logic or applicability. Tell your reader what the article is good for AND what it is not good for. Your reader needs to know strengths and limitations, so tell them. Be precise! For more information on how to be a critical evaluator of an article, see The third paragraph, the reflection paragraph is where you discuss how the topic contributed to your learning. I mean on a personal level, what did you learn and what could your classmates learn.Books and ResourcesRequired Text(s): You need to have (Managing and Using Information Systems: A strategic Approach, 6th Edition by Peralson, Saundersn and Galletta.)”APA Format””NO PLAGIARISM”Plagiarism includes copying and pasting material from theinternet into assignments without properly citing the source of thematerial.

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