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Create a 20 pages page paper that discusses islam shares many beliefs with christianity and judaism. discuss similarities and differences in the burial rites of the three abrahamic religions in the uk today. Most religions have got various rites when it comes to burial. The three Abrahamic religions currently follow different burial rites depending on their religious practices. This paper intends to discuss the overall and detailed burial rites for the three Abrahamic religions. This is due to the evidences on the disparities in their religious burial practices in UK despite originating from same ancestral origin.Christianity is the world’s largest religion with an estimation of 1.2 to 1.5 billion followers (Well Planned Funeral, 2009). This religion has been very prominent and has also undergone many revolutions aiming at restructuring the religious practice. In the UK, it is estimated that there are over 200 Christian denominations which have their own rituals as far as funerals are concerned. Not all churches have similar funeral rituals. Notable to state is that despite the denomination, the Christian faith dictated by the bible is commonly practiced in all denominations (Techner, 2007). This is because they all believe in the teachings of Jesus and follow the same bible.In Christianity, the funeral beliefs is normally underpinned and overruled by the fact that Christians believe in resurrection. Moreover, the teachings of Christianity also assure believers that there is eternal life for all human souls that die following the teachings of Jesus Christ (Well Planned Funeral, 2009). The main objective in a Christian funeral reflects the fact that funerals are a celebration of a winner who will live eternally (Danals, 2007).The Christian funeral must be accompanied by a special service. This is conducted by the local church where the deceased went to or family belongs to. The service is meant to offer final prayers for the deceased. During the special service, there must be biblical readings, singing of hymns and prayers for the deceased and family (Weaver, 2008).

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