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Create a 28 pages page paper that discusses supply management system for rca. This project helped me a lot in exploring new facts and increased my knowledge for practical implementation. Thanks a lot to all who helped me a lot in completing the project. Table of Contents List of Figures & Tables i Abstract ii Introduction 1 Origin of ERP 1 Steps involved in the Implementation of ERP 2 i. Stratategic planning 2 ii. Procedure Review 3 iii. Data collection & Clean up 3 iv. Training and testing 4 v. Go live and evaluation 5 Best Practices affecting the successful Implementation of ERP (Supply management Software) 6 i. Requirement of an ERP solution 6 ii. Successful project planning and project execution 7 iii. Integrated Team work 7 a. Identification of Team leader 7 b. Balancing the duties of ERP team members 7 iv. Selection of the best ERP Solution & ERP implementation strategies 8 v. Building up realistic expectations about the ERP implementation 8 Literature Review 9 The Study. Implementation of ERP (SUPPLY Management System) on RCA 9 Research Methodology 15 Pre-Implementation Activities 18 i. Requirement of an ERP solution 12 ii. Reasons for RCA to implement ERP solutions or management system 13 iii. Scope of Work 13 iv. Steering Committee 14 v. Preparedness 15 Implementation Processes 16 1. Preparation Business Document 17 2. Signing Base-Line agreement 19 3. Picturing the Scenario 20 Five steps for implementation of ERP on RCA: 21 1. Strategic planning 22 2. Procedure review 23 3. Process maps 23 i. Initializations and configurations 24 ii. Making user accounts and details 24 iii. Data Collection & Clean Up 25 iv. Business Documents as prepared by the ERP implementation Team:25 Conclusions 28 Discussion and analysis 30 References 31 List of Figures and Tables: Fig i. ERP and its five successful modules Pg Fig ii. Different steps of successful implementation of ERP Fig iii. Workflow for implementation process List of Tables Table 1. signing sheet for implementation processes Table 2. showing the process maps and legends of process maps Table 3. Initialization and setting document Table 4. showing the document of Budget setting Table 5. showing the approval of authorization matrix Abstract The Enterprise Resource planning is the most widely used technology around the world for integration and automation of the systems which help in the operational organization. In this study, special focus has been paid on analyzing the various steps that are involved in implementation of Enterprise Resource planning on RCA. It discusses the various modules and the initializations that need to be done before preceding an organization to a fully automation and integration of the systems. It discusses the complete framework of the implementation of ERP with reference to the risks and necessary management associated with each and every step of the implementation. The study also analyzes the extent of the support that ERP implementation provided on RCA and what were the impacts of the ERP implementation on the system efficiency and processes.

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