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Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses reaching a position of chief radiologic technologist. I plan to become a chief Radiologic Technologist by the next five years, that is, in 2018.For me to reach the set goal, there are interim goals I need to achieve to be well equipped and qualified for the position. I have listed these interim goals based on the order I need to achieve from the first to the last. First, is to introduce skill development program within my department. This will ensure that employees are well trained and have the ability and confidence to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. The other benefit of introducing the program is that the senior officers in my department will train me together with other employees on the skills that are appropriate to become an effective leader in Radiologic technology. This will give the skills and outlook of what shall be required of me when I get the position. The second interim goal is to complete my Bachelor Degree in Radiology technology by 2016. This is a requirement for one to take any managerial position within the Radiologic Technology. The third goal is to obtain a managerial position in Diagnostic Medical Imaging department. I will be a manager in this department for two years after, which I will move to the next goal. The managerial position will assist me in assuming more role and responsibility in my department to prepare me for the Chief of Radiologist Technologist by the end of the year 2018. In doing this, it is my hope that I will be showing to the management my ability to assume higher roles in the department and the organization as a whole. Lastly, I will resume the chief executive position where I will remain until I create the next resolution.The resources needed to meet the set career goal vary accordingly, but some of the interim goals require the same resources. To begin with, the first interim goal, introduction of skill development program, requires thorough research into the type of the training and the equipment appropriate to achieve the skill development goals within the department and research into other departments of the radiologic technology and other organizations that have successfully implemented such training in their departments.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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