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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses repositioning desktop personal computers. Desktop are more stable computing system (people can use it continuously for twenty four hours without perturbing stability of the system, processing speed and resolution is better than laptops) with respect to laptops and tablets. Companies use desktop as a working tool for employees. Desktop has seen a sudden fall in sales during 2000’s. Sales of personal computer in USA has touched nadir in the last quarter of 2011. Apple has revolutionized the concept of computing system by introducing iPad tablets. Buying behavior of the consumer has changed within last few years. Now they want to purchase on the go computing systems (easy to carry, light weight, systems with up to date applications). Laptops, smart phones and tablets are direct competitors of desktop. Students prefer to carry computer system with them to colleges or schools but they can not carry desktops. Bulky framework of desktop creates problems like lack of flexibility in carrying, lot of power consumption and lot of space consumption. All these problems are absent in laptops, smart phones and tablets and for this reason young generation prefer them to use over traditional desktops. Repositioning of Desktop Desktop was a popular computing solution among consumers during early 2000’s. Repositioning for a particular brand can be done in nine ways. 1- Companies can increase the relevance of the product among customers, 2- They can increase occasions for use of the product and also need to increase benefits associated with the product, 3- Organization needs to create positioning massage of the product, 4- They need to make the brand more relevant with respect to demand of the customers, 5- The brand should be able to sale itself, 6- The brand should attract new customers, 7- Repositioning technique should make the brand contemporary by adding new features, 8- The brand should be able to differentiate from other competitors, 9- Repositioning should be able to counterbalance changing marketing equilibrium by using unique selling proposition (Beri, 2007, p.473). Desktop computers need to use expectancy value model to formulate repositioning strategy. In expectancy value model emphasizes on attributes of product. According to this model, buyers assign value point on various attributes of a product and then summarize total points assigned on attributes. They purchase the product has larger sum of value points (FitzGerald, & Arnott, 2000, p.107). Desktop computers need to do real reposition to capture target market. Technical up gradation and addition of new application is required to create real reposition for the product. Companies need to change the design of desktop to attract new customers (Kotler, Haider, & Rein, 2002, p.55). According to the 2010 US Census, 63% of households with income of less than $50,000 have personal computers (desktop and/or laptops). 91% of the households having income of $50,000-$99,999. 96% of households with $100,000-$149,999. 97% of the households with income of $150,000 and more own personal computers. and, 68% of the households with income not reported have computers. Having children is also a factor to getting personal computers by households. In the same US Census, 84.1% of the households with children 6-17 years old have PCs. 79.3% of households with children not within the 6-17 range own home computers. and, 70.

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