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Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses the sipoc model. Thus, the process involves the identification of the most important strategic assets and managing them by modifying them as and when there are changes in customer needs and customer expectations.The SIPOC model is a process visualization and documentation model with the end of identifying aspects and elements of change in the business process of an organization (Land et al 81). It involves conducting a critical survey of inputs and outputs of a process in a tabular format in order to identify all the relevant components of the business process of the entity. SIPOC stands for Suppliers, Inputs, Processes, Outputs, and Customers. All these components are critiqued and evaluated with a view to improving the service and offering to customers.SIPOC is utilized to attain the D element of the DMAIC model of Six Sigma. It helps to define the aspects of the business process that needs to be changed and improved to ensure higher quality service.SIPOC and BPM are related because they all seek the same end. They are both old and archaic models of the total quality assurance model. The BPM is a philosophy that ensures continuous improvement. However, SIPOC involves a critical definition of variables and processes that are outlined and used for improvement. However, SIPOC appears to be more specific and problem-solving oriented than BPM.An example of SIPOCs use is the case of an organization that seeks to define the problems and issues in its activities. However, BPM might be used where there is a strategic move towards improvement and provides no specific solutions to any directly defined issue.In the world of quality management and Six Sigma, there are three main types of customers. This is demonstrated by the Kano model and several other models presented in the academic literature.

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