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Discuss the risks of avoiding confrontation of a problem employee.This posting should be at least 250 words. Respond to at least 2 other postings .Your primary posting can end with a “tag-line” or a related question of your own. Your secondary postings can either answer another student’s question, or comment on their answering my question. In addition, please ensure that you answer all of my questions.1st Student Response (Harshini Bobbala) :Workplace conflict is often a product of a lack of communication. If not addressed, a tool for business dispute resolution may create significant problems for a company due to Workplace Issues. Many business people believe conflict disputes, but disputes are differences in opinion that may turn into conflict, but not always. Rapid handling of disputes and other potential types of conflict may change the face of business. But being unaware of them could bring down the company in many ways. According to the Center for Conflict Resolution International, workers are forced to look elsewhere safer job opportunities because of the issues that conflict creates in the workplace, along with the increased negative effects of avoiding conflict. Conflict always has two, often three, distinct sides. The Center for Dispute Resolution International, more than 65 percent of organizational performance problems stem from strained relationships in the organization. Issues such as low morale, tension, and loss of trust occur when people suppress essential feelings. Workplace performance and efficiency endure when conflict goes unexplored. A business that is not faced with controversy usually has a high turnover of workers(Dawson, 2020).It brings business problems, meetings, unfairness, aggressive hostility, and an overall toxic work atmosphere to the fore. A split management team results in the inability to work together on projects, interact properly, be mutually successful, and remain confident. If this comes in the form of a negative verbal argument or a physical altercation, unresolved conflict rarely leads to blow-ups. A software company conflicts mediation service, the participants to the conflict are only adversaries if it remains unfinished. A common method of prevention of conflict is to acknowledge there is a problem at all. The colleagues may agree with an approach to a particular problem. Both are adamant regarding their approach, and yet, instead of focusing on discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each path, one party simultaneously backs themselves away and declines to claim(Blake, 2019).2nd Student Response (Sandeep Chava) :Risks Of Avoiding Confrontation Of A Problem EmployeeAn organization is a place where various people of various races, ages, and various religions, customs come together to work at the workplace. As the people at the working place are from different backgrounds for sure the conflicts arise at the workplace. These conflicts may have their influence on various aspects relating to the entire supply chain of the firm. That is from the customers, creditors, shareholders and even from the employees and the government. As it is quite natural at any workplace which influences the decision making of the management. By these issues, the firm may sometimes lose its key persons and their reputation in society(Zhao, 2017).Sometimes there is a chance of winding up of the firms also. The confrontations raised between the persons may be due to none adjusting or satisfaction about the issues among them. Sometimes it may lead to depression and have greater emotional stress. It may arise due to unbalanced treatment from the top, medium and operation level managers also. The confrontations may lead to the closure of the organization for these issues. The time taken to solve the problem raised should require to be very short otherwise the problem would be rooted strongly and fatherly it may not be able to solve by the experts also(Sohn, 2013).Solving the problem within time with correct solutions would help the management to maintain a smooth functioning in the organization. And for maintaining a good relationship the management is required to be more efficient and effective towards the codes of conduct followed by the employees formulated by the management. Employees keeping the goal of the firm has their own goals helps in contributing more to the firm and achieving the goals within the time period. The head of the departments is also required to be with at most care for avoiding the issues that are expected to be raised. These are in brief regarding as per my view by the gone through knowledge regarding the concept in various sources related to this topic discussion(Del Castillo, 2014).ReferencesDel Castillo, G. (2014). War-torn countries, natural resources, emerging-power investors and the UN development system.Third World Quarterly,35(10), 1911., I. (2013). Between Confrontation and Assimilation: China and the fragmentation of global financial governance.Journal of Contemporary China,22(82), 630–648., S. (2017). American Reflections on the Engagement with China and Responses to President Xi’s New Model of Major Power Relations.Journal of Contemporary China,26(106), 489–503.

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