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Each group has been assigned either a vendor who produces several database platforms or a class of database platforms. For this assignment, you are going to do a detailed technical and business evaluation of the assigned vendor and/or database class.Group 1- Microsoft Databases (Access, SQL Server, Azure SQL DB etc.)Each group must answer the following questions in the form of an executive business presentation. Pretend you are trying to sell the CEO of a company on why they should move their database to the assigned platform. Using these questions below as your guide, create a presentation that provides clear, concise facts.QUESTIONSWhat are the key database products made by the vendor OR the key database platforms available under the database category (do not just use the ones listed – there are MANY MORE)?If a vendor, who are the competitors to the platform? If a database technology class, who is the clear leader and why?What industries are these database vendors tools or database technology platforms used in? Is the market increasing or decreasing for technology?What are the key features for each of these database platforms? What are differentiators compared to other database platforms in its like-kind class?Are these databases used on-premise only? Cloud-based only? Mainframe only? Explain the infrastructure use case for each of these databases that you are discussing.Provide three (3) business uses for why a customer/client would want to use your vendors/class of database technology in their environment.What are key technical skills a data administrator or database administrator would require if they use this platform?Where do you believe this technology will be in 3-5 years?As you can tell, this is about a 20-22 slide presentation BUT your group still has a LOT of research to do in order to answer the questions! Your group will have a LOT OF RESEARCH (Need to add notes to the presentations).

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