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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Third Wave Feminism and Sexuality. It needs to be at least 2750 words. Women were made to realize that they should not accept being inferior to men and exist only for men’s pleasure and convenience. They should nurture their self-worth and realize that they, too, have to meet their own need for validation as respectable human beings (Dicker & Piepmeier 32). All three waves of feminism share the goal of breaking down the sexist restraints of patriarchy, or male dominance, within society and encouraging equality among genders (Dicker & Piepmeier 35). One area this can be applied to is in heterosexual relationships. This dissertation shall analyze the book of prominent and controversial radio talk show host, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, entitled “Ten Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Lives”. It claims to be a book on empowering women in their relationships with men. It aims to teach vulnerable women who become subordinate to their men to be stronger and realize their self-worth. This self-help book guides them to stand up for their opinions and rights and eventually be viewed as admirable women worthy of respect. This essay shall first discuss the contents of the book, after which feminist responses to the book as well as to the philosophy Dr. Laura stands for shall be analyzed. Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s book emphasizes that women have control and need to know that they are equal to their male partners and should behave accordingly. The book analyzes why women fail miserably in their romantic liaisons, mostly due to the paradigm that men are superior to them. She makes women accountable for their own actions and decisions and responsible for the consequences of their choices, including tolerating some obnoxious male behaviors just to avoid loneliness, self-assertiveness and self-sufficiency. This reflects the low self-esteem most women suffer from. The book discusses ten pitfalls of women and how these “stupid” behaviors may be detrimental to their self-concept and gravely influence their perspectives in their lives. These are: attachment to a relationship no matter how bad it is, courtship and dating issues, devotion to a man despite maltreatment, passion or sex-too-soon, cohabitation or living together without the security of marriage, unfulfilled expectations, conceiving babies in order to keep a relationship with a man, subjugation to the point of tolerating a man to hurt a woman’s child, helplessness or the perception that one has no alternatives and lastly, granting forgiveness too easily to men who have wronged them. Dr. Laura contends that having a man won’t heal a woman’s hurts, resolve all her self-doubts and protect her from life’s challenges. She reminds women that it is their responsibility to become fully realized as a person by having dreams, a purpose, building their identity, so they take a more active role in the quality of their lives. Only then can other people – friends, spouses, children – share in their growth rather than become responsible for it. Dr. Laura opines that sometimes, a woman may be too intent on making a man want her that she does not even consider if she really wants him in the first place. Men “are often burdened with the task of being the source of affirmation and approval for the woman’s young, uncertain, developing or even somewhat damaged self-esteem.” (Schlessinger 36).

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