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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Virgin Atlantic Airways. It needs to be at least 4500 words. Specifically, the increased research and utilization of renewable energy as a fuel source as a method of attaining progress will be detailed in this case study of Virgin Atlantic Airways. 2. To learn biographical information on one airline company, in particular, Virgin Atlantic Airways, in the discussion of its creation, its creator Richard Branson, and the values that the brand strives to embody. 3. To learn of the innovative ideas, techniques, and implementations that Virgin Atlantic has brought to the airline industry in regards to all facets of the company’s operations, especially in the area of guest satisfaction, including an in-depth discussion of the features of the airline that cater to providing an optimal, luxe, pre, in, and post-flight environment. 4. To understand how Virgin Atlantic and its procedures and offerings have allowed it to remain a profitable venture alongside failing airline companies in times of financial downturns with a look at the financial numbers that the company has released to the public, especially in the past few years. 5. To gain a look at the varying perspectives of those who have utilized Virgin Atlantic’s services as to the strengths and weaknesses of the company through differing eyes, including reviews by customers, critics, and analysts, and those involved directly in its operations. 6. To learn of future innovative implementations that Virgin Atlantic hopes to bring to the table as an airline, and continue to establish its niche among profitable ventures in the industry by reviewing releases from the company as to its goals for the next year and beyond.

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