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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on benefits package at the apple inc Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Assignment #4 – Apple Inc.The Apple website does not really do a good job of communicating the company’s work/life philosophy. The benefits page under Jobs at Apple does not provide any detail of the benefits package. I would have expected some hyperlinks for the different packages. What the website does well is show that the benefits package does vary depending on job position, location, and years of experience with the company. This does make sense because the benefits package should reward employees who have shown hard work and dedication for the company. I understand that Apple is very secretive about its employee benefits packages because it does not want competitors to find out about it. Apple is known as one of the best companies to work for because of its great employee benefits packages. I think that the website could have shown a little more about it.The Apple website lists many policies and work/life programs, such as health and life insurance, employee stock purchase plan, tuition assistance, paid vacations and holidays, and product discounts. I think having this wide range of employee benefits is good because there is a diverse workforce and so there is something appealing for everyone. Just the other day the company announced that its corporate matching program will be implemented in every country. Some of this program includes match employees for the time they spend on philanthropic endeavors and full stock benefits if an employee dies so that the family members can be supported. This shows that Apple does care about its employees and will do anything to make working for the company very attractive.This is a company that I would want to work for because it would help me with career advancement also. The experience that I could gain from working in such an environment will help me to grow both personally and professionally. I like that there are many employee benefits packages and so I can choose the one that suits my life best at that moment. If I stayed in the company for a few years, then I might want to change my employee benefits package to reflect the stage of life that I am in. I also like the parental leave policy, which is offered for both men and women. It is great to see that if I had a newborn child I would be able to take some time off work to spend with my young family. It is reassuring to know that I could go back to work a few weeks later and my job would not be in jeopardy at all. A company that works like this is attractive to work for because there is job stability and growth, and this can only increase my motivation for working hard.If I could choose any additional policies or practices in the organization I would work for, then I would have to say that it is a childcare center. This policy would not be useful for me now, but later on in my life if I had any kids I would like to think that they could be close to me while I work. This is especially important if I had no one else to look after them because then I would worry about their well-being. I am not sure if Apple has the policy, but I don’t see it anywhere on their site or any other site. Apple is already very generous with its workers when it comes to employee benefits, but I think the company could go a little further and provide free childcare. There would have to be many parents working at Apple, so the policy makes sense from an emotional point of view.

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