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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on the positive impact of online social networking in the conflict Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Online social networking is of immense advantage to individuals, for example, by easing communication. however, the same does carry along its fair share of demerits, such as being a productive platform for protestors to incite others.It is noteworthy that online social networks are easily accessible to individuals as long as one has an Internet connection. Within these remarkable online platforms, individuals are able to send messages to each other, comment on each other’s activities and converse among themselves. Subsequently, if conflicts sprout, people within the online social networks are able to discuss more on the rows. Consequently, if there are any inciters among the users of the online platforms, they may take advantage and talk others into resulting in violence, maybe to act against the conflicts. Inciters can convince people to turn to violence in order to seek a resolution to a matter at hand by using impeccably articulated sly moves within the online social networks. During the recent conflicts, which erupted in Tunisia, the government censored various online routes of communication as a way of minimizing the conflicts. However, some of the online social networks were almost impossible to block. In turn, people within Tunisia were able to attain enough information to build up more emotions that caused them to continue with the violent protests.According to an analysis presented by Sami Ben Gharbia, a Tunisian blogger, a lot of content that fuelled the protests had its origin from one of the leading online network sites in the world, the Facebook (Ghannam 16). Although the government in Tunisia put effort to curb communication and sharing of protest-related information via online social networks, it is a crystal that the main problem was the uncontrollable conveying of information.

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