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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on the various present day marketing perspectives Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! E-marketing being a marketing perspective of the current time especially with the advancement of technology has come to be appreciated as a vital tool in the general marketing initiatives of an organization. As time goes by and technology advances e-marketing also changes and so are the approaches to achieving marketing goals and objectives. Currently, there are the mobile technologies like the 3G and PDA’s that have come to shape e-marketing and push the marketing arena to a higher level by incorporating electronic communications technology (Kalyanam 2009). Organisations need to take advantage of this marketing aspect and use the internet to distribute their products, enhancing good customer relations, advertising of products offered and to collect various responses from customers and other stakeholders through comments. An organization should incorporate into their marketing plan various e-marketing tools in order to expand their marketing horizons. In planning for this the organization needs to do a thorough audit in regards to SWOT analysis, analyze the SMART e-marketing objectives, e-marketing strategies, develop tactics that entail the e-marketing mix and thereafter evaluate the e-marketing pan performance to look into various successes and faults (Kalyanam 2009).The field of marketing has been one marred by allegations of failure to uphold ethics in conducting marketing activities like advertising and promotions (Horowitz 2005). One of the major ethical issues relates to pricing strategies that organizations put in place in order to ensure the competitive advantage over the rest. This is a practice well done by big companies and more so multinationals against smaller companies venturing into the same market. Some of the strategies employed are price skimming, bid rigging, and price fixing among others. The pricing strategies woo consumers more than others since the baseline of selling and buying are the price tag of a service or a commodity.&nbsp.

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