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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Logistic: Philippines-Australia Transportation. The term logistic refers to the controlling process of resources flow from the point of origin up to the destination with the aim of meeting some set requirements. Logistics originated from the military where it was concerned with personnel and materials movement during emergency times. It was then adopted later by businesses and became a commonly used terminology in academic programs and professional societies. According to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), logistics management is that part of supply chain management that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective forward and reverses movement and storage of services, goods and related information between an interval of the origin point and the destination or consumption point in order to meet customers-based or corporations determined requirements. The resources under control can be in the form of physical items, that comprise of equipment, food, materials, and liquids as well as items in the form of the abstract that include information, energy, and particles. On the physical items logistics, it usually entails information flow integration, material handling, production, packaging, inventory, transportation, warehousing, and mostly security.&nbsp.According to Christopher (1999 pg 232), global logistics networks act as a cyclical channel for the corresponding value-adding chain where numerous components in that logistics network perform different functions in an organizational unity manner. In order to establish efficient and environment-friendly logistics networks in the 21st century, joint studies are necessary to understand the prevailing state of the logistics systems in and across different regions and to determine the specific problem in every region. Under these studies, advancement in logistics needs to be assessed not only from the personal perspective of industrial/national competitiveness but even from that of global social optimization taking account consumers, logistic service providers, shippers, and government perspectives.

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