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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Strategy Implementation of the Stilsim Company. The Company has to make a list of strategies that would help the company in succeeding. In order to determine the risks that could come in the way of the company, it should have an organizational structure along with a backup plan just in case the structure doesn’t work. A behavioral control system must be utilized by the company and rewards and incentives should be given to the workers so that their performance enhances. At last, the company needs to work on the ethical issues regarding it by making plans for the existing legal issues.The name Stilsim suggests the excitement that we feel about this business. Since we have extended knowledge about the people it demonstrates the recognition that our company receives for our work within the community and the market. Just like us, our name is also strikingly different.We have three offices in central Ohio and our workforce of Ohio contains a large number of registered associates who annually provide flexible staffing to our clientele’s accounts. Since we are in this business for twenty-five years now and are very well aware of the challenges in our market place, we supply you the services and staffing that can meet those challenges.Integrity, quality customer service, honesty, openness, personal excellence, continual self-improvement and mutual respect are valued the most in the Stilsim Company. Our commitment to our customers and clients has always been our focus and our top priority is to provide them with the best of the services. We pride ourselves in honoring our customers, shareholders, partners, and employees and are passionate about providing them with the best results. To make our employees and clients understand more about ourselves, we provide them with our brochures and handbook which has all the basic information about us.A high-level action plan is what our company needs to implement certain changes. This plan would be made to make sure that everything is looked well after and that nothing gets left behind.

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