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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic The Prosperity in Health and Equity in the City of Portland. Portland has made several efficient innovations in the energy sector. According to the recent condition of the Portland city, one can visibly identify the relationship between the problems, objectives, actions, and proposals that are associated with the Portland City. Portland is facing several problems today. Some of the common problems include lagging job growth, increased living cost, lack of vitality in the neighborhood business, lack of education and job training opportunities, economic insecurity, and cost-burdened households. An analysis of these problems depicts that up to 60 percent of the Portlanders are affected.Lagging job growth affects over 38% of the individuals in Portland, hence. this has led to increased poverty cases. Most of the Portlanders who have jobs earn an average salary, which contributes to a lack of basic necessities. This is applicable considering the shrinking value of paychecks which is largely attributed by lack of education and skill. Moreover, the neighborhood of Portland lost job opportunities and led to over 50% of unemployed people. Even jobs that required advanced skills were unavailable. In addition, most of the households in the region were economically self-insufficient even before the recession period (Sheila 25). In most circumstances, the Portlanders used their monetary ability on transport and housing expenses.In the Portland plan, there are three strategies that are considered as the foundation of success. The integrated strategies constitute of a healthy connected city, thriving education to the youth, and economic prosperity and affordability. The three elements of integrated strategies are of vital importance to the life of the Portlanders. According to the economic prosperity and affordability element, the problems addressed touch on the plan’s achievement by the year 2035.

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