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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Where Is Our Humanism Headed. It sounds like people work with machines as though they were machines themselves. This paper argues that we are losing humanity because of advancing technology.Since the early nineteenth century, humankind has been going through industrialization, urbanization, globalization, and informatization. Owing to well-developed technologies, the world has been much more comfortable. For example, we can access all the information we need or seek via smartphone anytime, anywhere. There is almost nothing that we cannot accomplish with our technological skills. Nevertheless, society members have been creating higher boundaries and wider relationship distances with each other ever since they learned to type on the keyboard and touch the smart-phone screen.Compared to the past decades, people today have spent fewer conversations with their family members. Furthermore, it is common these days to see people looking at their mobile phones while they are at a dinner table. Have we thought about what we are missing? We probably already became used to technologies that give us so many benefits, to the point of forgetting what our humanism is all about. It sounds very familiar, but you cannot guess how many people define this meaning in a precise manner. Primarily, humanism is an ethical stance that focuses on the values of human beings. It is simply for the people in terms of the perspective of human nature. Over time, the frequency of use of humanism has been dropping since the last 1970s. We are losing the notion of humanism, and it is because well-developed science and technology have weakened it.One of the essential things that we are missing nowadays is interpersonal communication skills. We have been very familiar with new kinds of technology and software. Even though the software comes up with the new model that requires learning how to operate it, early adopter disseminates information on how to use such technology as a missionary like Apple Evangelist. They are good at dealing with technology communication devices but not communication skills.

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