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Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Nitric Oxide in Ovarian Cancer Treatment. Ovarian Cancer is a type of cancer that arises in the ovaries of the female. The ovaries are the reproductive organs that produce ova which later help in the production of fetal when it contacts with the sperm of the male. Ovaries are a pair of small organs that produce human eggs or ova and also produce hormones like estrogen. Ovarian cancer occurs when a tumor forms in one or both of the women’s ovaries” [ 2006].light meal, bloating, distention or cramping, abdominal or low-back discomfort, frequent urination, vomiting, pain, or swelling in the abdomen. Loss of appetite, unexplained weight loss, etc.”[Gale, Thomas. 2006]. These are some of the symptoms of ovarian cancer. But it seems to come for those women who are above 65. Researches say that this type of cancer could be stopped from further development of the tumor cells.The pathogenesis of ovarian cancer involves staging such as involving one or both ovaries with tumor found on the surface of the ovary, then slowly extends to the fallopian tubes, then extends to the outside of the pelvis,and finally, the metastases takes place where the woman becomes completely surrendered to tumor cells. The endocrine changes occur in hormonal imbalances and irregular menopauses. The risk factors include the “spread of cancer to other organs, progressive functions loss of various organs, ascites [fluid in the abdomen], blockage of the intestines”[].The recent therapies that are used to treat this ovarian cancer are almost the same as that of other cancer types. Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy are applied to treat ovarian cancers. But recent researches show that Nitric oxide can be used in treating ovarian cancer.Nitric oxide has been so far considered as a toxic chemical, but recent readings and researches have proof over the fact that nitric oxide. Nitric oxide has generated an exponential amount of research since its identification in 1987.

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