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Hi, need to submit a 2250 words paper on the topic Feasibility study of a business. There are restaurants however the quality, taste and service of these restaurants are not up to the mark. And even if, there are good quality restaurants, then they charge too high prices therefore it becomes difficult for people to go to restaurants on a regular basis. These opportunities would allow the newly introduced restaurant, Hamara Khana to make a mark in the UAE food mark.United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the growing countries in the world particularly in the Middle East Region. Investors around the world have been evaluating the feasibility of investing in the country (Gimbel, 2007). There are several opportunities available for investors and for businesses. Because of advantageous business conditions in the country, UAE is considered as the 14th best country in the world to start a business according to the report published by World Bank (Economy Rankings, 2011). The lifestyle and living standard of UAE has improved over the years (Human Development Report, 2010).This report analyses the opportunities that are prevailing in the United Arab Emirates market for opening a new restaurant. Almost 60% of the total population of UAE comprises of South Asians which includes Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis, Chinese, Thai etc (National Bureau of Statistics, 2010) and therefore this report identifies and evaluates the feasibility of opening a new South Asian Restaurant particular that offers foods to Pakistani and Indians as both are high in numbers in UAE. The name of the restaurant is ‘Hamara Khana’ which means Our Food in Hindi (National Language of India) and in Urdu (National Language of Pakistan). Although, there are few restaurants offering food for South Asians however the market still looks promising and therefore this report will analyse the feasibility of opening a small restaurant in UAE.The idea of the business is to start a new restaurant, Hamara Khana.

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