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Hi, need to submit a 2250 words paper on the topic Harrison-Keyes Inc. To neutralize the competition and achieve success, Harrison Keyes decided to implement CEO McGill’s strategic plan of entering e-publishing and publish e-books. But, as soon as the initiative was formulated and about to be implemented, it started facing problems from all sides. So, this paper will analyze Harrison Keyes’ scenario, focusing on the issues and opportunities. Then the paper will also formulate the end-state vision and the optimal solutions.Harrison Keyes’s wish to be a path-breaker in the field of e-publishing got the initiation with the decision of the management team to digitize its existing huge collection of books. Even though it is a very good feasible idea, the initiative has some impending issues. That is, this plan of Keyes’ management has evoked opposition from their main authors, whose works only Harrison Keyes is publishing successfully. The issue against e-publishing and e-books was mainly raised by Will X. Harper, one of the longstanding and successful authors of Harrison Keyes, who feared the pirate of his works. The other issue that is dominating the minds of the Harrison Keyes’ management team is the utility of its offshore company Asia Digital. To assist in digitizing its books, Harrison-Keyes employed Asia Digital, but it was not meeting its deadlines and so they are not completing the processes aptly. Also, the software department hasn’t done the spadework to sell the e-books through its own website. These three issues are further amplified by the media’s coverage of Harpers’ opposition to e-publishing.Even with theses issues impeding its initiatives, Harrison Keyes should continue because there is a good number of opportunities awaiting it. With e-publishing becoming one of the crucial avenues for publishing houses in the new millennium, Harrison Keyes can go ahead with its plans to become a successful publisher of e-books by turning the above issues into opportunities.

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