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Hi, need to submit a 2250 words paper on the topic US Drones in Yemen. It is not justified for a financially and economically very stable country with a long line of modern warfare to take advantage of another country’s disadvantaged position. However, sadly, this is exactly what the US has been doing for more than a decade now in the name of extricating terrorism from the face of the earth. These attacks could have been considered effectively beneficial even were they generating any good in the countries in which these attacks take place or in the US from where these attacks are planned. In contrast, the gigantic proportions of hatred spurred by this US policy in the public for the Americans and the multitude of terrorists born with every single attack strongly advise against continuing these attacks. This essay principally seeks to explain how the US drone attacks are potentially damaging in nature by comprehensively discussing some major effects produced by it and identified in the latest research. It will also argue that the US should concentrate focus on giving plenty of political and economic aid to Yemen instead of making it politically and economically more dependent.Drone attacks were started back in 2002 with the Yemeni government’s seal of approval according to the US officials (Almasmari). Small nations like Yemen are economically so unprivileged and their weaponry is so meager that they are not in a position to stand up against the US when a policy is to be implemented to control terrorism. Their officials without acknowledging the public’s viewpoint agreed on letting America commit drone attacks in their country which indicates an absolute absence of democracy. The Yemeni nation is strictly against American drones, but it holds no power whatsoever to stop this destruction from happening which has become a daily routine now. When the nation is not acknowledged by the government, the outsiders become more confident and invasion picks momentum. American drones simply translate into the invasion of Yemen because the people of this country abhor America and the American nation for this excruciatingly painful calamity.

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