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Hi, need to submit a 2250 words paper on the topic What is security Why network security is important. Although there are thousands of definition available on the Internet related to security.The definition available on ‘’ covers the basics and states it as “Prevention of and protection against assault, damage, fire, fraud, invasion of privacy, theft, unlawful entry, and other such occurrences caused by deliberate action”. In the context of network security definition, it consists of concerns related to network communication privacy, confidentiality of data over the network, accessing unauthorized classified data, access to prohibited network domains and utilizing Internet for concealed communication (Network Security. 2007) It is the twentieth century where improved communication technologies are inventing one after another. Internet has become a powerful and interactive carrier providing extensive activities and web services. Organizations expand their resources with the help of Internet. Websites are created, for informational purposes, advertisement, online shopping etc. In the modernized countries, Internet is utilized for education, electronic shopping, blogs, social networking and information. Even today, where every technology interrelated to Information technology involves the dot com phenomenon. Internet is relatively an evolving field which is persistently changing. The widespread use of computing technology has facilitated small, medium and corporate organizations to achieve goals in an efficient way. The revolution of Information Technology has created new trends of doing business and communication. Moreover, the technology has provided a new approach of operating businesses during the past several years, and continues to provide many benefits as it spreads all over the globe. However, with its widespread adoption, threats and vulnerabilities are also rising. Organizations spent enormous funds to secure their data and network environment. Moreover, hardware security modules taken into consideration for securing highly classified data. However, these modules require frequent updates for virus definitions and new threats, which may affect the network anytime. Every now and then, new threats are designed and developed by hackers or cyber criminals. In spite of securing the networks and data centers, with the most updated and advanced security modules, there is still a probability of a new threat to intrude into the network. In addition, hackers and cyber criminals are exploring efficient codes day by day to improve the hacking software, in order to breach in to classified information, banks, online websites etc. As the threats and vulnerabilities are infinite, no one can memorize them in order to take a measured approach, the initial step is to identify the vulnerability type. An organization named as CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure) provides a database to search for a particular public known vulnerability. The sponsors for CVE are US-CERT and managed by MITRE Corporation. The goal is to provide common names for all publicly known security threats and exposures. In order to extract information from CVE, access of National Vulnerability Database is mandatory (NVD) (Cve. 2011). Why Network Security is Important This is an era of digital connectivity along with digitized attack of hackers, cyber criminals, electronic eaves dropping and online fraud. Moreover, there is no room for risk and threats in a computing network where thousands of online transactions are in process. The volatile expansion of computer systems and the interconnectivity of these devices via a network have significantly amplified the dependence of organizations on the information systems. Moreover, due to vast dependency of organization on information systems, security and protection of these systems has become a mandatory factor. Furthermore, by considering these factors, the network security is triggered, in terms of protecting data and resources from revelation to ensure the authenticity of digital transmission.

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