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Hi, need to submit a 5000 words paper on the topic Perceived Learning Difficulties Amongst the African. Indirect evidence from the British Social Attitude survey suggests that Britons show equal discriminate against all ethnic minorities. However, Personal surveys indicate that Caribbeans perceive a higher level of discrimination, especially in the job market. This may be because there is a general prejudice in the manual labor market and African Caribbeans being normally less qualified are usually a part of the manual labor force. African Caribbeans were also found by British Crime surveys to be having a greater risk of becoming victims of crime. (Heath F A, Mcmohan D.2000-01)The alienation experienced by African Caribbeans was particularly harsh on the community, as it has been found that Caribbeans tried to assimilate into the British culture, unlike the Asians who sought only to have economic connections, (2000, Maharaja). In fact, they are the race that has acquired better communication skills in the English language compared to other ethnic groups (BBC).Ethnic minorities are given the worst housing facilities in terms of quality, facilities, size and locality. Poor housing is shown to have a direct effect on physical and mental well-being. 52% of Caribbean Blacks in Britain relied on public housing (the highest among minorities). &nbsp.The level of ownership among Caribbean households has increased from 40% to 48% due to their participation in the Right to buy policy (Ratcliffe, 1997). A recent survey by Ratcliff highlighted overcrowding as the major housing problem among minority communities. Another study (Ratcliff 1997) showed that the quality houses owned by the ethnic minority were inferior and many lacked the resources to improve or maintain their property. Black and Asian minorities owned 35% of the worst houses. 51% of the homeless were from minority communities and a quarter of them was of African black origin. ( differences account for much of the perils of the African Caribbean (AC) race in Britain. In general the household income among ethnic minority groups is at least 20% lower than the white majority.

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