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I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Increase Work Motivation through Employee Reward Schemes. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Work motivation has achieved a great deal of significance and there is reason enough to believe such a dictum. It requires tact and planning on the part of the organization because the proper capacity building is the need of the hour in the time and age of today (Latham 2007). The organization should incorporate efforts and endeavours to make sure that the employees remain motivated and are consistently encouraged so that success could be achieved over a period of time, and that the goodness comes about with the help and assistance of the top management realms within the organization. These elements are seemingly very significant within the related domains because these ensure that the employees know what is expected of them and how they can manifest their truest basis with the help of the strengths that they have and the potential that is within their folds. This paper will discuss the basis of the employee reward programs and schemes as these pinpoint the significant areas within the work motivation and encouragement realms.Moving ahead, the organizations of today ask their employees to be truthful about their work dealings so that they can become successful and bring success for not only their own selves but also for the sake of the organization in the long run (Cameron & Pierce 2002). If these employees are not working to good effect for the sake of the business company, then the organization loses out in a very vehement manner, which does not speak well about the organization in essence. This is against the dictum of attaining harmony within the related ranks and should be judged from an angle of growth and productivity – essential pointers for bringing out the best within any organization in the world. The times are changing and so are the ways and means through which organizations are enacting policies and measures to make sure that their employees remain in line with these policies and regulations. The employee reward schemes and programs guarantee that the employees have no issues with their work manifestations.&nbsp.

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