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I need some assistance with these assignment. che guevara’s iconic status Thank you in advance for the help! Che Guevara came into the political scene with his alliance with Fidel Castro, another revolutionary leader. Cuba was under the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista at the time and people expected a revolution to take over the powers and free them from the tyranny of Batista. Che’s unmatched gallantry during the wars raised his iconic status. one of the reasons why he is so widely worshiped is because he liberated Cuba from one of its worst rulers. It is ironic that this paved the way for another dictatorship under Che and Castro, the reason why they are despised so widely.Che Guevara was trained as a doctor, which means he could have been part of the affluent ones in Cuba had he chosen to be one. The fact that this restless young man wanted to find answers for social evils that he saw around him and tried to redeem them doesn’t just evoke respect for his genuine hunger for equality but they also inspire us and many others just like they inspired Cubans at that time.Che wasn’t born to an affluent class, his young mind would have been certainly influenced by the repressive rule of Peron, his mother’s liking for communism and the class differences he saw around him. Therefore, even though people recognize him for his free bohemian spirit, as highlighted in the movie Motorcycle Diaries, he was sub consciously aware of the meaning of power as well as the principles attached with communism. These thoughts as long as they were in his sub consciousness provided for his strong moral values, something that his followers love him for, however, as soon as he got the taste of power, his liberating views gave way for a more brutal ruler. As Lord Acton said, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, Che certainly is, unfortunately, a good example of this and that is one of the many reasons for his little achievements in Latin America.

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