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I need some assistance with these assignment. scenario project: investigation plan Thank you in advance for the help! The conference will help gather empirical information and determine seriousness of criminal cases and the full extent of the crime rate in the area (BLRHRN, 2007).c. Create anti-crime task force and open emergency communication line to connect the police office and the community-based monitoring team. Ascertain whether the interim relief is needed to measure health and safety of personnel who will be designated on situation. Interim relief of employers are illustrated by temporary transfers, paid leave and reassignments of security personnel in case they had underwent highly sensitive cases that is jeopardizing or risking their security too (Close, 2007).d. Assess the capability resources of the team by noting the number of police forces as against the number of populace served. This is significant so that they can strategize their visibility. Increasing the capacity of the security personnel are likewise necessary to make them effective in the enforcement of their jobs (Close, 2007. BLRHRN, 2007).e. In case when crimes becomes rampant, the police forces must determine those who are capable and experts in handling the level of case and in negotiations. Expert investigators should be equipped with the capacity to raise queries and follow-ups. These are needed in accumulating evidences against suspects (BLRHRN, 2007).f. Gather, preserve and thoroughly review all documents sourced from witnesses inclusive of documentary, electronic files, video and other forensic evidences. It is important that facts are used in accordance to laws and policies of the state (BLRHRN, 2007).i. Conduct research with quantitative and qualitative data about criminal matters and about issues that may possibly escalate into potential conflict. Raise relevant questions as these evidences are needed in the subsequent lawsuit (BLRHRN, 2007).f. Write investigative reports factually and accurately about the investigations conducted.

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