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I will pay for the following article Assessment the Quantum of Risk. The work is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. In other words, as the possibility or consequence increases, the risk related to the event increases. Therefore, it is mandatory to consider both probability and consequence during risk management.The risk management process has more accountability than the assigned objective to identify probable risk. The management of risk should comprise a formal planning and analysis, to estimate the possibility of risk and predict the consequences of the identified risk. A risk response strategy is essential for specific risk and it must have the capability to monitor and control the risk and manage it at the desired level(Kerzner 2009 p.743).Malathion is an insecticide used to control or kill bugs. It is commonly used for agricultural purposes and in gardens. Malathion is used to kill mosquitoes in outdoor areas under government programs. It is also found in some products used to kill head lice.Malathion is poisonous if swallowed, handled without gloves or if the hands are not washed immediately after exposure. Malathion is absorbed into the skin in significant quantities if it is handled without precaution (Malathion poisoning 2009).According to WHO Acute Hazard, Malathion is III, slightly hazardous and the Acute rating from U.S.EPA product label has categorized the chemical as slightly toxic. Further, the U.S.NTP Acute toxicity studies rate the chemicals as not acutely toxic but moderately toxic. Malathion is a cholinesterase inhibitor.Malathion can cause cancer. Under the IARC carcinogens, malathions is 3, unclassifiable and the U.S.EPA carcinogens categorize the chemical as suggestive. Under the Keith and Colborn list Malathion causes endocrine disruption and under Illinois EPA list, Malathion is a suspected chemical that causes endocrine disruption. Malathion falls under PAN bad actors of chemicals of special concern.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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