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I will pay for the following article Customer Satisfaction at University: A Survey Analysis and an Evaluation of Research Methods. The work is to be 9 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The paper is divided into two parts (a) in part one, an in-depth explanation of SERVQUAL will be provided and the results or findings will be analyzed and presented, (b) in part two, issues related to qualitative research will be discussed.The SERVQUAL model was developed by Berry, Parasuraman and Zeithaml in the 1980s and the model was based on 12 focus groups in which they created a questionnaire that comprised of 22 criteria that are frequently used by the focus group respondents to assess the quality of service. After further research, Parasuraman et al. clustered the 22 criteria into 5 service quality elements and they claimed that the dimensions will assist in the determination of the consumer’s opinion of any service business. The dimensions included reliability, responsiveness, tangibles, assurance, and empathy (Alexander and Hill 2006, p241).SERVQUAL (Service Quality Model) is a service quality instrument and it is based on the suggestion that service quality is measurable. It is calculated as the gap between the customer’s expectation of service and the performance they deem to have received. The respondents rate the kind of service they expect to receive from an outstanding organization and afterward they rate the performance they ought to have received from that particular organization. The quality of service is calculated as the two scores differences and better quality service results in a small gap. SERVQUAL measures several service quality dimensions (Landrum et al. 2009, p18).The service has made revolutions in the services marketing discipline. The service gap idea discusses the reign of services gap on the side of the provider of the service in that it can hamper the delivery of services that consumer believes to be of the highest quality. The model proposes five gaps that are the major obstacles in an attempt to offer proper service. The SERVQUAL model is based on five dimensions that attempt to describe the consumer’s experience.&nbsp.

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