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I will pay for the following article How legalizing illegal immigrants would help the economy of the United States. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. While some Americans believe that ensuring the legal status to the illegal immigrants will not create any threat to the country, others are reluctant to approve any such reprieve. So the debate is very delicate and requires a proper justification regarding economic impact of a policy that legalizes the illegal immigrants.If we see the background of this issue, we observe that the illegal immigrants, the foreign nationals enter the USA devoid of any legal and proper immigration route and stay in the country. Generally the immigrants come to settle in USA for searching of better jobs, more money and to enjoy better standard of living, which is lacking in their native nations. At present in USA the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act have granted almost 3 million illegal immigrants the legal status as the permanent residents of the country. This law has also approved the case of the employers who has hired the illegal foreigners. To control the number of illegal residents some laws were amended in 1990. But those were proved to be inefficient regarding that issue. To provide the legal certificate to almost 12 million illegal residents of the USA, a bill was also commenced in 2007. But this bill was also unsuccessful to provide any such solution. (McFadyen).In USA, since 1990, the number of illegal immigrants has significantly enlarged though the then government spends huge money for amending an immigration enforcement act to control the entry of the unauthorized foreigners into America. One of a major reason behind this fact was that the illegal immigrants tried to gat an entrance in any way into America until they became succeed neglecting the government’s increased expenses to the security border of the country. At present they maximum number of illegal residents are found in California, but almost in every state of the USA there are some illegal immigrants reside.

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