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I’ll be happy to evaluate your speech script once you incorporate the required research into it and provide a reference page.Is this an informative or persuasive speech?Assignment 7 requires you to persuade your audience to agree with your viewpoint, not just provide information on a topic.What is the purpose of the outline? Can I just turn in the filled-in outline as my completed assignment?The outline will help you organize your material for your speech. It is NOT a replacement for the actual speech script, however. The script should be written in paragraph form, with well-developed transitions to lead the listener/reader through the speech.How should I organize my persuasive speech?You will use Monroe’s Motivated Sequence to organize this speech.See Lesson 7, under the topic Preparing for Your Assignment: format should I use for my speech script?Use standard APA format, including a cover page and a reference page. You do not need to worry about an abstract for a short speech like this one.See for more information on APA format.How many sources do I need for this speech?Two to four sources are enough. You can use one source for more than one of your supporting points.What goes into the conclusion of my speech?Summarize your main points and end with a call to action.What’s a call to action?What do you want your audience to DO as a result of your speech? Once you determine that, you can create your call to action where you tell them specifically what you want them to do.See for additional tips.A good source for information on transitions is don’t get it. How do I cite sources in a script? It would be weird to read the citations aloud.When you’re writing a speech, you still need to let your listeners know where you got your information from.See the “Citing Orally” section in for suggestions.For more tips on how to avoid plagiarizing, visit the Ashworth College Learning Resource Center at a reminder on how to cite sources, see

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