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Need an research paper on business (stratergy). Needs to be 11 pages. Please no plagiarism. Rajan in his investigation in Hyderabad and Bombay, in Silicon Valley, and in the company GenEd about the relationship between science and capitalism, and between nationalism and globalization. The paper has explored Terranoba’s views on free labor and discussed how she explained the new concept of a new world of information.Tiziana Terranova’s Network Culture is written at a conjuncture, at what time e-mail, discussion groups, e-zines, and blogs are daily informational tools used en masse. In an era of email lists and discussion groups, e-zines and weblogs, bringing together users, consumers, workers, and activists from around the globe, what kinds of political subjectivity are rising? What kinds of politics turn out to be possible in a time of information overload and media saturation? What structures of power and control operations over a self-organizing system like the Internet? There have been many books written in the consequences of the crash that have reinterpreted the crippling economic fall down with critical hindsight. Such manuscripts tend to re-evaluate the overjoyed energies that built Silicon Alley and Valley and re-situate the utopian visions of the new economy in an endeavor to comprehend what went wrong.Terranova’s book explains how the politics of the Information Age will break down all barriers. Cyber-politics prediction reached its height between the period of 1995 and 2000. Information technology is no longer in fashion, as it was just a few years ago, to gush eagerly about politics in the age of the Internet. During the last period of the 1990s, many commentators were influenced that a new day had dawned on the life of our republic. Some people were of the view that direct democracy was just around the corner, as tens of millions of British people in “chat rooms” would form, in one author’s words, “a committee of the whole, made up of all citizens online.

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