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Need an research paper on consumer brand relations. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. Several constructs initiate, maintain and prolong the consumer-product relationship. The relationship between consumers and brands is one of the most influential forces in marketing. This explains the vast literature on the importance, concepts, and nature of the consumer-brand relationship. This review of literature explains the conceptualization and significance of the consumer-brand relationship, as envisioned by different authors. According to Patterson and O’Malley (2006), the relationship that exists between brands and consumers emanates from the acceptance of various ideals that brands posses and that are beneficial to the consumers. The concept of consumer relationship with particular brands emanates from the intrinsic satisfaction that consumers’ gain and the fulfillment of self. There is a notable increase in literature on brand-consumer relationship over the past decade as noted by Patterson and O’Malley (2006, p.10). The high number of publications on brand-consumer relationship reiterates the considerable importance of the concept of relationship in branding. In the view of Patterson and O’Malley (2006, p.10), the concept of consumer behavior can well be understood through the exploration of brand-consumer relations. Brand management is among the main considerations in promoting relationship marketing that depends on stable consumer relationships. Patterson and O’Malley (2006, p.12) explain the concept of brand relationship to surpass the mere identification of a brand with a producing company but the attachment of trusts, by consumers, to a brand. Regarding the relationship, the role of brand personality is invaluable in developing the trust that consumers have towards a brand. The existence of the relationship is a factor that is dependent on the extent of the growth of the brand, itself, and the increasing level of attractiveness associated with the brand. The concept of the relationship is that it develops over time through improvement in features that brands bear and their appeal to consumers. There are diverse types and levels of the relationship between brands and consumers, as Patterson and O’Malley (2006, p.12) outlines. They explain the explicit interrelatedness between interpersonal relations and the concept of the relationship between brands and loyalty of consumers. Such relations include the characters as love and passion that individuals attach to interpersonal relations and brand loyalty. The expression of self-connection with a brand and the extent of its initiation of satisfaction constitute one of the determinants of strong consumer brand relations, according to Patterson and O’Malley (2006, p.13). The interdependence that consumers perceive to gain from a brand is among the major determinants of strong brand-consumer relations. Patterson and O’Malley (2006, p.13) identify intimacy as one of the greatest constructs related to strong consumer brand relations. This refers to the extent of knowledge that consumers have on the functionality of a brand. Another construct of a strong relationship between consumers and brands is the brand partner quality that entails the attribute that consumers attribute to their preferred brands.

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