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Need an research paper on essential aspects of the chinese cultural revolution. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. Taking the role of a hardened veteran cultural revolutionary who had managed to overcome the most severe adversities, he continued believing that the material incentives which were restored to the peasants as well as others were counterrevolutionary and were also corrupting the masses.His approach covered aspects such as a new democratic revolution, socialists’ construction and socialists’ revolution, building of the military strategy and revolutionary army, on tactics and policy, political and ideological work and cultural work, and party building. Mao Zedong has been single out to have played a significant role during China’s socialist transformation and new-democratic resolution. Despite some of the mistakes he did later in his regime, his Marxist-Leninist theory is still applicable in the current situation and used in solving new issues.In an effort to arrest what he referred to as capitalist tend, Mao, come up with the Socialists Education Movement between 1962 and 1965, in which its main emphasis was to restore ideological purity, and reinforce revolutionary fervor into the government and party bureaucracies, as well as intensify class struggle (Wikipedia 1). At that point, there were internal disagreements, however, not for the sake of the movement but on the means of carrying it out.Mao went ahead to re-impose the Maoist idea considering it as the dominant ideology of the Party. This brings out the traditional method of governance and the policies used by political parties in the traditional Chinese system of governance. The revolution ensured that Mao Zedong returned to power following the Great Leap Forward (Wikipedia 1). The movement greatly paralyzed the political system in China and significantly affected the nations socially and economically.By mid-1966, the campaign by Mao had turned into what came to be referred to as the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, the initial mass action to emerge against the CCP.

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