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Need an research paper on the connection. president obama on the relationship between the muslims and america. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism. This has been the main cause of the rising tension in the world due to the hostility among the different faiths. This is mostly observed in the Arab world and has now extended to other different faiths like the tension observed between the Muslims and the Christians. The president emphasized on the importance of good relationship between the Americans and the people in Egypt. The ideas given in the Obama’s State of The Union Address 2013 are closely related to those in his speech at Cairo. In both speeches the president is seen to emphasize on the need of peace between people of different faiths in the world. In this point the president was addressing to the rising tension between the Muslims and the non- Muslims who are mostly the Christians. In Cairo the president promised to improve the relationship between America and Egypt. In the State of Union Address, the same issue was addressed where the president touched on the issues of insecurity in the Muslim world. In both speeches, the president promised a good relationship between the Muslims in the Arab world and America. There was also the idea of control of nuclear power in nations like Iran. Obama cautioned on the production of harmful energies that would create tension and fear among people. The president added on the government dedicated efforts in the improvement of the economy in America. In his State of Union Address in the year 2013, the president said that the government is dedicated and aims at getting to a minimum wage of $9.00 per day. Still on the economy the president called for increased production of clean energy in America. The more energy produced would lead to expansion of the economy by opening of more industries in the country leading to increased economic growth. In Cairo the president touched on the issue of production of cleaned energy and condemned the nuclear energy being produced by Iran. The president also urged the Muslims in Egypt to join hands with America in its fight against production of harmful energy such as nuclear energy. The topic of the sucrity in Arab world creates another connection. In Cairo the president expressed his wish to work together peace loving Muslims in restoring stability in the fighting Afghanistan and the rest of the Muslim regions. This message was also passed to the Americans when the president gave the State of Union 2013. The president told the Americans that his government is working hard in its peace keeping missions in Afghanistan. This also makes the ideas in the Obama’s speech at Cairo similar to that of the State of Union Address 2013. Another area where the ideas relate is in the issues of economy which the president highlighted in both Cairo and in his State if Union Address. In Cairo the president addressed the need for globalization and good economic ties between America and the Muslims in Egypt. In his state of Union Address, the president also touched on the issue of good economic relations between America and the Muslims and this will also enhance peace. In Cairo the president promised the Egyptians of the full support of the economic innovations and investment in his country. The president added by saying that the business ties would also promote peace in the two countries. Together with the growth in economy, there was a similarity in ideas when the president touched on education issues (Williams, 45). Obama assured the Muslims in Egypt that his government will continue to support the education of people from all faiths. He added by saying that education in America is given equally to all people irrespective of their faiths. This has promoted good relationship between the Muslims and non-Muslims in America.

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