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Need an research paper on the importance of pearl harbor. Needs to be 12 pages. Please no plagiarism. The surprise attack by the Japanese on the naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941, moved the U.S. from its isolationist stance to fighting the axis powers on a global scale. This horrific, cowardly action ultimately may have saved the U.S. and its allies from German domination. Had America delayed just one year and if Germany was more patient, not stretched itself thin by trying to take everything all at once and had fully developed its jet warplanes, the world as we know it likely would not exists. Pearl Harbor woke up the sleeping giant just in time to rescue the world from Nazi rule. Without American military involvement at that particular time, it’s anybody’s guess as to the result but all can agree the outcome would not have been favorable. The attack also did something the President and Congress could not do in a decade, pull the nation out of its economic slump. Following World War It’s end in 1945, America emerged as the world’s most powerful economic and military nation, a position that would have thought impossible five years earlier. It was a day that indeed has lived in infamy, a day that changed the world, for the better. Those thousands of lives that were lost at Pearl Harbor were not in vain. Their sacrifice saved democracy.While German forces were marching across Europe, Japan continued its expansion across Asia igniting the East Asian War. Japanese intentions were to establish an empire that subjugated the countries of East Asia and would control the sea lanes in that area of the world. These moves by the Japanese were disconcerting to the United States because it had important economic and political connections in the region.

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