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Need help with my writing homework on Competitive Threats in E-Business. Write a 2000 word paper answering; On the sell side threats, the company is faced with the issues of customer threats and entry of new business models (Chaffey 2011). Below is a brief discussion of these competitive threats and their respective levels on business performance. 1. Suppler threats To the glam media company, supplier threat is low and is not likely to influence the company’s performance in any way. Since most of the company has established a long term relationship with its suppliers around the globe. As the company largely deals on fashions, women styles and beauty, there are many willing and potential suppliers around the globe that are capable of giving them their demanded products (Plunkett 2009). Therefore since the company is fast growing and incorporating more and more products into their system, the issue of suppliers is a little threat and can only influence the company’s performance positively, helping it to rise to higher levels and seek new markets (Plunkett 2008). Similarly, the company has invested in agile and adaptable suppliers who are willing to change and transform with every bit of market change. Such companies can withstand technological advancements and can have long term effects on business performance. 2. New digital products threat New digital products is equal to a low-level threat to the glam media company. The company management has engaged in a series of innovative ideas that largely help the company advance with the technological changes and transformations in the market. The management of the company has ensured that they stay ahead of the market competition through the introduction of new products. Similarly, the company has engaged in a series of market research that enables it to discover the various customer need (Chaffey & Wood 2010). This technique has enabled them to stay firm and effective in the market. As well, the company has extended its services to many countries, and the website is already getting clicks from various parts of the world. This is a sign that they have conquered the market and effectively penetrated deeper markets. To this extent the company enjoys a large global market share hence ensuring that they stay on top of the market in terms of quality and the latest products in the market. 3. The threat of new entrants in the market This is a medium competitive threat. The glam media company has largely captured the market and is currently among the leading company in terms of women products and styles. One of the greatest tools that the company initially relied upon was the proper market survey and bringing in exactly what people demand (Smith & Zook 2011). New entrants into the market are however a threat since a company may learn of their weaknesses and then use it against them. In addition, the entry of new companies in the market may lead to the emergence of new and more superior products that will outdo theirs. This factor makes new entrants into the company a little threat. Relatively, new entrants into the market may come up with similar products but different and more lucrative means of advertisement as well as distribution channels. Advertisements play a very major role in company development, thus it sets the basic threshold for competition.&nbsp.

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