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Need help with my writing homework on Value and History of Design Artifact. Write a 2750 word paper answering; The relationship between the perfume and a person is not basic and by and large, it is not a basic need in the hierarchy of humans needs. People’s needs vary from basic to non-essential. The basic needs are necessary to complete a person’s daily activities. Perfumes are part of daily activity people do to feel comfortable and boost other’s confidence. however, it is not a must. Fragrances have been utilized for over five thousand years ago and all customary scents are found in contemporary perfumes. Although perfumes are perceptibly involved in sexual communication, the importance of great individual variances in preference for fragrances is a development puzzle. The major histocompatibility complex (MHC) is an extremely polymorphic and preserved set of genes that do an essential role in immune operation invertebrates&nbsp.(Parkin, 2011). Many women and men appear to increase their sexual charisma by using luxurious perfumes, which is evident from the promotions that usually accompany the marketing approaches of the perfume company and which is also acknowledged in the Bible (Song of Songs 1, 3): “fragrant is the smell of your smoothing oils, and your name is similar to those perfumes poured out. that is why ladies love you.” “All societies are known to place enormous importance on false body smell, suggesting a deep-seated emotional awareness that human bodies should scent and perfumes have been applied since the earliest times of documented history. The history of fragrance is a manifestation of humanity: a means of trade, a defence against disease, a concoction with divine virtues, a heroic message, which reflects culture, discernibly communicating its sense of trade and medicine, of the sacred and the bodily. The word “perfume” originates from the Latin fragrance “through smoke” (Aftel, 2001). This regards to the innovative use of fragrances – the burning of herbs and incense as a religious offering. In Cyprus, where the oldest perfumeries were found, priests applied perfume to undertake religious rituals. however, ladies were also permitted to use it as a mode of presenting their beauty.

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