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The objective of this assignment is to discover the impact various media has on children’s lives. Students will conduct an in-depth analysis of the media that children are watching/listening to, using current media samples that are intended for children today, with respect to issues of racism, gender bias (sexism) and violence.Each student will pick ONE example from each of the following categories:- television: live action children’s programs or animated children’s programs (must include two episodes of the same show.)- movies: children’s movies (one)- video games intended for children OR websites intended for children OR an app intended for childrenAll examples should be current (within past five years) While you watch or play, please keep a tally and/or notes of examples of racism, sexism and violence. Do this for all of your samples.The project will be submitted on Canvas.Please use the following format:A. Introduction – Names and a short description of each example.B. Analysis for EACH sample. There should be a page or two for each sample, consisting of these five paragraphs:A summary of your tallies for this sample. How are gender relationships treated in this example? How are racial relationships treated in this example? What is the level of violence in this example? What impact might your sample have on children todayC. Recommendations given the analysis of samples, what do you recommend for families and children? Be specific.Rubric:20 points available- up to 2 points for Introduction including Research- up to 5 points each for thorough and detailed analysis of television show, movie and video or app- up to 3 points for appropriate, clear and thorough recommendationsGrammar and spelling count too! Points will be removed if the paper does not use this template and for multiple grammatical and spelling errors.

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