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Using the case study below, You will propose how the particular health information system used in your selected case would be applicable in a health care organization of your choice. Refer to your chosen organization as “[ABC] Health Care.”–Complete the Proposal Form Attached & Paper (2-3 pages) answering the following questions.-Evaluate the needs that are present within your selected case study as it applies to your “ABC Health Care” organization. -Examine the practices from your selected case study that confirm or contradict that data is complete, accurate, consistent, timely, secure, and fit for use. -Compare and contrast the different types of data and information generated by the health care organization in your case. Case 8: Conversion to an EHR Messaging SystemGoodwill Health Care Clinic is the clinical arm of Jefferson Health Sciences Center in a large Southern city. The clinic was founded in the early 1950s as a place for faculty physicians to engage in clinical practice. Over the years the clinic has grown to nine hundred faculty physicians and two thousand employees, with over one million patient visits per year. Clinic services are spread across eleven primary care and specialty care units. Each unit operates somewhat independently but shares a common medical record numbering system that enables consolidation of all documentation across units. Paper charts were used until two years ago, when the clinic adopted an EHR system.Goodwill Health Care Clinic uses a centralized call center to receive all patient calls. Patients call a central switchboard to schedule appointments, request medication refills, or speak to anyone in any of the eleven units. Call center staff members are responsible for tracking all calls to ensure that each is dealt with appropriately. Currently the call center uses a customized Lotus Notes system that can be accessed by anyone in the system who needs to process messages. Messages can be tracked and then closed when the appropriate action has been taken. Notes created from closed messages are printed and filed in the appropriate patients’ paper records. These notes cannot be accessed via the EHR.Clinic staff members are very comfortable with the current Lotus Notes system, and it is used routinely by all units.Information Systems ChallengeGoodwill Health Care Clinic requires all medication lists and refill information to be kept up-to-date in the EHR. Therefore, the existence of the current Lotus Notes system means that the same information must be documentedin two locations—first in the call center note and then in the EHR. This leads to duplication of effort and documentation errors. The potential for serious error is present. Physicians and other health care providers look in the EHR for the most up-to-date medication information.Although the adoption of the EHR has been fairly successful, not all units use all of the available components of the EHR. A companion paper record is needed for miscellaneous notes, messages, and so forth. All units are recording office visits into the EHR, but not all have activated the lab results or the prescription writing features. Several units have been experiencing physician resistance to adding more EHR functions.The EHR system has a messaging component that works similar to a closed e-mail system. Messages can be sent, received, and stored by EHR-authenticated users. Pertinent patient care messages are automatically stored in the correct patient record. In addition, the EHR messaging system works seamlessly with the prescription writing module, which includes patient safety checks such as allergy checks and drug interactions.The challenge for Goodwill Health Care Clinic is to implement the messaging feature and prescription writing component (where it is not currently being used) of their current EHR in the call center and the clinical units, replacing the existing Lotus Notes system and improving the quality of the documentation, not only of medication refills but also of all patient-related calls. The long-term goal is to add a patient portal feature where patients can schedule appointments, send messages to their providers, and refill prescriptions electronically.
Using the case study below, You will propose how the particular health information system used in your selected case would be applicable in a health care organization of your choice. Refer to your cho
QUALITY IMPROVEMENT STUDENT PROJECT PROPOSAL: TYPE YOUR SPECIFIC TITLE HEREFill-in the details below between the brackets BACKGROUND Setting: Here, describe the place that you will focus on for this proposal and the specific of that place. [ ]. Health Care Service: In this section, share the specific health care service that you are proposing a quality improvement for. [ ]. Problem: In this section, describe the specific problem you have found. Be sure to include evidence from sources that support this is a problem. [ ]. Barriers to Quality: Here, share any barriers that exist that hinder the quality that is needed. Be sure to provide evidence from sources to support your claims. [ ]. THE INTERVENTION In this section, discuss the intervention or solution you are proposing to improve the quality of the problem you have identified. Provide evidence from sources to support your suggestions. [ ]. Process Defect: Here, include the overall process that will be used to implement the proposed solution. [ ]. Aim (Objective): Here, state the objective of the proposed intervention. [ ]. STRATEGY FOR IMPLEMENTATION Here, identify and describe the steps or the strategy that will be taken to implement the intervention. [ ]. Measures: In this space, share what will be used to measure the implementation of the intervention or how the results of the implementation will be measured. [ ]. Barriers to Change: Here, include a discussion of any barriers that could get in the way of the proposed change. Include any evidence from sources that can support your claims. [ ]. Simple Rules: Here, include the rule that will be satisfied by your proposed intervention. [ ]. Cost Implications: Here, include any costs associated with the proposed intervention. [ ]. 3

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