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Write 5 pages with APA style on PAPER SHOULD BE TITLED. These constitute the six main parts determining the quality of the tragedy (William 212). A protagonist, on the other hand, is the main character in a play, a novel or any other literal work. It could also mean a character advocating a political cause. This paper seeks to defend in clarity the model of the male protagonist in ancient as well as modern tragedies. They were in most cases accompanied by secondary feminine characters. The feminine characters played the role to threaten the masculinity and to interweave the building and the upkeep of political distinctions of male the protagonists. The paper, therefore, analyses Coriolanus’ relationship with Volumnia, his mother in relation to the model in the discussion.Coriolanus is a title given to Martius a Legendary and the key character in the play “Coriolanus” (Shakespeare,). He is a soldier in the ancient kingdom of Rome at a time when the common people feel it is their right to set their particular prices for the grain supply in the city. This is in response to a famine that has stricken. The people get five tribunes from the ruling aristocratic government comprising patricians. This is a decision that Martius a proud soldier is not comfortable with. His low opinion of the common people is quite clear, right from the beginning. In essence, this decision provokes his ego. His distinct image is a product of being brought up by his mother Volumnia. Volumnia is a matron in Rome for the aristocrats. She is a woman so powerful in character and will not rest until her son succeeds. Therefore, this is her main focus. By breeding her particular values in her son Coriolanus, the resulting man is exclusively dependent on her decision and advice. She says-‘there’s no man in the world/More bound to’s mother’ (William 158).The identity role should never get a blind eye as well. It is critical in this regard as well as it is in Coriolanus play by Shakespeare.

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