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Write 5 pages with APA style on Request for a Stop of paranormal Events. Thus, this is a suggestion that you modify your policy of staging such events. Although such events are regarded as part of entertainment in the current society, especially among the young generation, they are somehow controversial and can bring undesired consequences and memories to those who attend the event. I cannot refuse to recognize the important part entertainment plays in our current way of living. It actually helps in reducing stress caused by various aspects of life and therefore that is why I do not recommend that you totally stop staging entertainment events. Consider using other modes of entertainment that are more educative while avoiding negative effects to the viewers. As Lord (2009) explains, a paranormal event is an event that seems to conflict with our understanding of the present world and the way it operates. These events are categorized into those, which are experienced through normal behavior, and those experienced through other ways. Examples of such events include the issue of ghosts, the issue of miracles, the issue of life after death, the influence of spirits and so on (Jinks, 2011). Paranormal events have been staged in the UK from the 19th century, majority trying to explain extra-ordinary manifestations like the issue of life after death and the issue of spirits. During this early time, formal organization was found in London to examine the events associated with spirits (Jink, 2011). Since then, several perceptions have developed towards them moreover. even some of these events are now scientifically explicable. Despite all these years, there is a lot which is still not understandable. Hope is not yet lost since majority of researchers believe that as time goes by, more and more of such events will become explainable. Paranormal events are believed to result to paranormal believe which later leads to paranormal illusions (Jinks, 2011). These beliefs and illusions are believed to have contributed to the disorder, which is shown in our society. In some cases, it can affect the society positively like a case where people may straighten their moral in fear of the dead and where it increases imaginative abilities. In most cases, such events affect the society negatively and thus they should not be staged at all. There are two kinds of people: the mysterious and miraculous type and the extreme psychological type. The mysterious and miraculous type believes fully the mysterious and miraculous things they see without thinking whether they can be true of false. On the other hand, there is the extreme psychological type. This kind of people believes on the explanatory power of science and will always regard the issue of spirits as pure fiction. Luckily, as public we live somewhere in the middle where closeness to either extreme differs from one person to another. According to Coon and Mitterer (2008) when you give the brain some sensory information it selects, organizes and integrates it to construct a picture or model of the real world. When people view such a paranormal event, they might view the world from a perspective that might affect them negatively. One might think that because a certain thing happened in such an event, it can also happen in the real world. This is actually very wrong. In addition, what people see is believed to play a great deal in building up a habit or a behavior. Thus if the way such paranormal events are staged is not changed we might get a generation which will be very different from the one we anticipate. In the current society, most people believe in religion. Some believe in Christianity, others Muslim and others in other religions.

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