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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic implementation plan bamc. Good plans are those that have been systematically done with relation to what has been observed on the ground. This is why it is important in the first place to have all the stakeholders mentioned in the strategic plan’s revision to be part of the process of formulating these revised strategic plans. The basic perception of this move is geared towards ensuring that all the stakeholders first and foremost own the process by feeling part of what is being undertaken since at the end of it all, they stand affected by the decisions and actions put in practice. Failure or success of such strategic plans could be determined by that simple fact of not including the stakeholders or including them in the process respectively (BAMC-RSP 2-9). After a thorough evaluation of the revised strategic plans, BAMC has come up with an implementation plan that will see this paper of strategies put to practice and progressed into the future of the health facility (BAMC). This is what the paper seeks to address by systematically looking at the strategies proposed and coming up with tit bits of implementing them. 2.0 Strategic Control Mechanisms and Operational Recommendations Strategic control at BAMC will entail an additional tool which could be used in the provision of relevant information to gauge whether or not the plan is successful. This could also give feedback on the need to proceed with the overall plan or if it should be changed. This is benchmarked against the events that do unfold and the results that are related to the incremental steps and those actions that have been put into the implementation process. The control mechanism at BAMC will entail: Critical monitoring and accurate evaluation of the strategic thrusts which involves the revised strategic plan that is necessary to the success of BAMC. These benchmarks of thrust could be first agreed from the onset by identifying the critical factors. The other recommendation that I find useful in this control mechanism is the use of stop/go assessments. These assessments will be linked to the various thresholds that had been singled out and this will touch on the portfolios illustrated in the strategic plan namely costs, success, market domain, product domain, knowledge base, time, and research and development, among others. The other aspect of control mechanism will touch on the milestone reviews. These are the particular significant points which have been singled out in the program development. They will majorly involve the points at which huge resources of BAMC will be committed to push the strategic plan. A thorough review of these revised strategic plans will hence be of necessity as the implementation is carried out. I would recommend that the milestone points at BAMC touches on the following areas identified in the strategic plan: That JCAHO-Accreditation facility expanding to the tune of 653 beds from the current 450 beds. Resources have been pumped here to ensure that more beds are purchased to increase the capacity as well as use any idle space that has not been utilized to build more rooms for the beds.

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