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Write 7 pages with APA style on Fire Protection Systems. Automatic activation can also occur in several forms, designed to a number of physical changes associated with fire. Such devices include heat detectors, smoke detectors, flame detectors, fire gas detectors and water flow detectors. Modern innovation can use cameras and computers to analyze the visual signs of fire and movement in applications inappropriate for or hostile to other detection methods (Greenman, 2003).Notifications from fire alarms to alert the occupants of the need to evacuate premises or take appropriate actions due to fire emergencies can be in audible, visible, tactile, textual or even olfactory (odorized) forms. Emergency signals are automatically intended to be distinct and understandable in order top avoid confusion with other signals. The Temporal Code 3 which chimes three times at one-second intervals, stops for one second the repeats is the most common audible in the modern fire alarm system. Other methods of audio alerts include audible textual appliances, continuous and voice evaluation. In some fire alarm systems especially in high-rise buildings, arenas and other large facilities such as hospitals where total evacuation is difficult to achieve, emergency voice alarm communication systems (EVACS) are used. This voice based system allows personnel to orderly evacuate and notify occupants in such crowded buildings. Strategically too, especially in high-rise buildings, depending on exact location of fire, different evaluation messages may be played on each floor to facilitate orderly evacuation and saving of lives (Jones, 2009).New codes and standards have enabled alarm system manufacturers to expand their systems voice evacuation capabilities to support trending requirements for mass notifications including possibility of multiple types of emergency messaging. To serve those with disabilities too, emergency communication systems have visible notification along with audio.

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